Theme Service Design and Planning


The Service Design and Planning theme focuses on operation management, at different decision levels (strategic, tactical, operational, real-time), in the context of services such as healthcare services or transportation.

The theme covers very important societal issues (health, mobility, the environmental impact of transport) and addresses these issues from a variety of perspectives. In transportation, for example, the members of the axis are interested in transportation modes with very different characteristics (road, rail, maritime, air) and problems as diverse as network design, timetabling or multimodal best itinerary optimizations. In healthcare, the subjects of study are also numerous, concerning both the internal logistics of the hospitals and everything related to homecare.

Scientific contributions can take many forms, but mainly concern modeling, structural analysis of problems and the development of efficient solution methods.

Last publications

Eric Bourreau, Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme - July 27, 2022
Mixer Hamiltonian with QAOA for Max k-coloring : numerical evaluations

Eric Bourreau, Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme - July 21, 2022
Adiabatic based Algorithm for SAT: a comprehensive algorithmic description

Gérard Fleury, Eric Bourreau, Philippe Lacomme - July 4, 2022
Introduction à l'informatique quantique

Flavien Lucas, Romain Billot, Philippe Lacomme - July 3, 2022
How linked are routing and inventory in IRP? A data mining study
EURO 2022

Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme - July 3, 2022
Adiabatic based Algorithm : a comprehensive algorithmic description
EURO 2022

Diego Martino, Philippe Lacomme, Katyanne Farias, Iori Manuel - July 3, 2022
A Split-based Dynamic Programming approach for the Inventory Routing Problem
EURO 2022 - Espoo

Meryem Bamoumen, Selwa Elfirdoussi, Libo Ren., Nikolay Tchernev - June 22, 2022
Continuous time and volume batch formulation for the multiproduct pipeline network scheduling problem
MIM 2022 | 10th IFAC Conference on manufacturing modelling, management and control

Manuel Trotta, Claudia Archetti, Dominique Feillet, Alain Quilliot - June 19, 2022
A pickup and delivery problem with a fleet of electric vehicles and a local energy production unit
11th Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis conference (TRISTAN XI)

Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme - June 5, 2022
A technical note for a Shor's algorithm by phase estimation

Thierry Garaix, Philippe Lacomme, Nicolay Tchernev, Iván Peña-Arenas - May 4, 2022
An Exact Label Setting Algorithm for the Truck Driver Scheduling Problem considering European Community Social Legislation
Odysseus 2021

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