Theme Data, Services, Intelligence


The works of the team 'Data, Services, Intelligence' of the laboratory LIMOS, aim at solving a problem given thanks to the searches in the stream of data and in the already made studies.

His purpose is to set up tools algorithmics to characterize groups and help companies clarify their data to solve a problem.

The developed tools also allow for example to manage the immense stream that is the sequencing DNA through the elaboration of systems managing and sorting out this stream


Analysis, Verification, Testing of applications, web services and business processes.

Our reserach work deals with the analysis of services, applications or business processes for optimising them, make them reliable or secure. The applications are described by means of onthologies or with models (formals or UML). Generally speaking, these models are used for optimising a given property, for checking whether a property holds or for generating test suites.

Last publications

Radu Ciucanu, Anatole Delabrouille, Pascal Lafourcade, Marta Soare - Nov. 28, 2020
Secure Cumulative Reward Maximization in Linear Stochastic Bandits
International Conference on Provable and Practical Security (ProvSec). Accepté, à paraître.

Radu Ciucanu, Pascal Lafourcade - Nov. 2, 2020
Demonstration of GOOSE: A Secure Framework for Graph Outsourcing and SPARQL Evaluation
International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) - Demo Track. Accepté, à paraître.

Ousmane Issa, Angela Bonifati, Farouk Toumani - Sept. 9, 2020
A relational framework for inconsistency-aware query answering

Julian Eduardo Plazas, Sandro Bimonte, Michel Schneider, Christophe de Vaulx, Juan Carlos Corrales - Aug. 17, 2020
Self-service Business Intelligence over On-Demand IoT Data: A New Design Methodology Based on Rapid Prototyping

Akrem Sellami, Ali Ben Abbes, Vincent Barra, Imed Riadh Farah - Aug. 1, 2020
Fused 3-D spectral-spatial deep neural networks and spectral clustering for hyperspectral image classification
Pattern Recognition Letters

Shyla Kupis, Vincent Barra, Taufiquar Khan - July 6, 2020
Electrical Impedance Tomography using Sparsity Regularization and Machine Learning Approach
SIAM Conference on Imaging Science

Alexandre Bazin, Miguel Couceiro, Marie-Dominique Devignes, Amedeo Napoli - June 29, 2020
Explaining Multicriteria Decision Making with Formal Concept Analysis
Concept Lattices and Applications 2020

Radu Ciucanu, Pascal Lafourcade - June 25, 2020
GOOSE: A Secure Framework for Graph Outsourcing and SPARQL Evaluation
34th Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy (DBSec'20)

Nicolas Wagner, Violaine Antoine, Jonas Koko, Romain Lardy - June 15, 2020
Fuzzy k-NN Based Classifiers for Time Series with Soft Labels
18. International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems

Wissem Inoubli, Sabeur Aridhi, Haithem Mezni, Mondher Maddouri, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo - June 10, 2020
A Distributed and Incremental Algorithm for Large-Scale Graph Clustering

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