Theme Data, Services, Intelligence


The works of the team 'Data, Services, Intelligence' of the laboratory LIMOS, aim at solving a problem given thanks to the searches in the stream of data and in the already made studies.

His purpose is to set up tools algorithmics to characterize groups and help companies clarify their data to solve a problem.

The developed tools also allow for example to manage the immense stream that is the sequencing DNA through the elaboration of systems managing and sorting out this stream


Analysis, Verification, Testing of applications, web services and business processes.

Our reserach work deals with the analysis of services, applications or business processes for optimising them, make them reliable or secure. The applications are described by means of onthologies or with models (formals or UML). Generally speaking, these models are used for optimising a given property, for checking whether a property holds or for generating test suites.

Last publications

Théo Ducros, Marinette Bouet, Farouk Toumani - July 13, 2021
Weak subsumption in the EL-description logic with refreshing variables

Vincent Barra - July 7, 2021
Informatique MP2I et MPI - CPGE 1re et 2e années - Nouveaux programmes

Victor Charpenay - June 28, 2021
Formalisation du concept d’affordance dans l’ontologie Thing Description
Journées Francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances (IC) Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle (PFIA'21)

Anis Fradi, Ines Adouani, Chafik Samir - June 27, 2021
Bayesian Inference on Local Distributions of Functions and Multidimensional Curves with Spherical HMC Sampling

Ousmane Issa, Angela Bonifati, Farouk Toumani - June 20, 2021
INCA: Inconsistency-Aware Data Profiling and Querying
SIGMOD/PODS '21: International Conference on Management of Data

Jean-Marie Favreau, Jérémy Kalsron, J.-M Favreau, Guillaume Touya - June 14, 2021
Le carrefour dont vous êtes le héros

Violaine Antoine, Jose Guerrero, Jiarui Xie - June 1, 2021
Fast semi-supervised evidential clustering
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning

Jean-Marie Favreau, Jérémy Kalsron, J.-M Favreau, Guillaume Touya - May 5, 2021
Le carrefour dont vous êtes le héros

Michael Mbouopda •, Engelbert Mephu - April 15, 2021
Scalable and Accurate Subsequence Transform

Vincent Barra, Antoine Cornuéjols, Laurent Miclet - March 22, 2021
Apprentissage artificiel - 4e édition: De Bayes et Hume au Deep Learning. Concepts et algorithmes.

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