Theme Data, Services, Intelligence


The Data, Services, Intelligence (DSI) team includes specialists in mathematics and computer science who investigate different topics, all related to data:


Big Data Analytics


Machine learning, Knowledge extraction, Data quality


Analysis, Verification, Testing of applications, web services and business processes.

Our reserach work deals with the analysis of services, applications or business processes for optimising them, make them reliable or secure. The applications are described by means of onthologies,  or with models (formals or UML). Generally speaking, these models are used for optimising a given property, for checking whether a property holds or for generating test suites.

Last publications

Sara Fakih, Mohamed Tahar Mabrouk, Mireille Batton-Hubert, Bruno Lacarrière - Nov. 1, 2023
Bi-level and multi-objective optimization of renewable energy sources and storage planning to support existing overloaded electricity grids
Energy Reports

Radu Ciucanu, Pascal Lafourcade, Gael Marcadet, Marta Soare - Aug. 19, 2023
SAMBA: A Generic Framework for Secure Federated Multi-Armed Bandits (Extended Abstract)
Thirty-Second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence {IJCAI-23}

Fatma-Zohra Hannou, Victor Charpenay, Maxime Lefrançois, Catherine Roussey, Antoine Zimmermann, Fabien Gandon - July 19, 2023
The ACIMOV Methodology: Agile and Continuous Integration for Modular Ontologies and Vocabularies
MK 2023 - 2nd Workshop on Modular Knowledge associated with FOIS 2023 - the 13th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems

Mouloud Iferroudjene, Victor Charpenay, Antoine Zimmermann - July 17, 2023
FB15k-CVT: A Challenging Dataset for Knowledge Graph Embedding Models
SeReCo Summer Workshop 2023

Yousouf Taghzouti - July 17, 2023
Enable Decentralised Semantic Content Negotiation through Equivalence Links
SeReCo Summer Workshop 2023

Abdallah Amine Melakhsou, Mireille Batton-Hubert - July 13, 2023
Explainable Abnormal Time Series Subsequence Detection Using Random Convolutional Kernels
4th International Conference, DeLTA 2023 : Deep Learning Theory and Applications

Abdallah Amine Melakhsou, Mireille Batton-Hubert, Nicolas Casoetto - July 12, 2023
Welding fault detection and diagnosis using one-class SVM with distance substitution kernels and random convolutional kernel transform
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Nesrine Hafiene, Luis Nardin, Antoine Zimmermann, Olivier Boissier - July 12, 2023
Governing Online Forum Interactions with Multi-agent System: A Reddit Use Case with the JaCaMo Platform
PAAMS 2023: Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Cognitive Mimetics

Jie Zhang, Yaoxiang Yu, Vincent Barra, Xiaoming Ruan, Yu Chen, Bo Cai - July 8, 2023
Feasibility study on using house-tree-person drawings for automatic analysis of depression
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

Maxime Lefrançois - July 4, 2023
Pour une interopérabilité sémantique des applications IoT sur les espaces européens des données

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