Theme Data, Services, Intelligence


The Data, Services, Intelligence (DSI) team includes specialists in mathematics and computer science who investigate different topics, all related to data:


Big Data Analytics


Machine learning, Knowledge extraction, Data quality


Analysis, Verification, Testing of applications, web services and business processes.

Our reserach work deals with the analysis of services, applications or business processes for optimising them, make them reliable or secure. The applications are described by means of onthologies,  or with models (formals or UML). Generally speaking, these models are used for optimising a given property, for checking whether a property holds or for generating test suites.

Last publications

Anis Fradi, Chafik Samir - Nov. 10, 2024
Learning and Regression on the Grassmannian

Guillaume Levillain, P. Beaurepaire, Vincent Barra - June 23, 2024
Neural network-based probability density function identification
European Safety and Reliability Conference

Anis Fradi, Khalid Daoudi - May 1, 2024
Reduced-rank spectral mixtures Gaussian processes for probabilistic time-frequency representations
Signal Processing

François Pinet, Mireille Batton-Hubert, Eric Desjardin - Feb. 19, 2024
Geographical Data Imperfection 2

Oshma Chakoory, Vincent Barra, Emmanuelle Rochette, Loïc Blanchon, Vincent Sapin, Etienne Merlin, Maguelonne Pons, Denis Gallot, Sophie Comtet-Marre, Pierre Peyret - Feb. 14, 2024
DeepMPTB: a vaginal microbiome-based deep neural network as artificial intelligence strategy for efficient preterm birth prediction
Biomarker Research

Louis Vaslin, Samuel Calvet, Vincent Barra, Julien Donini - Feb. 8, 2024
pyBumpHunter: A model independent bump hunting tool in Python for High Energy Physics analyses

Thamer Mecharnia, Maxime Lefrançois, Antoine Zimmermann, Mihaela Juganaru - Feb. 1, 2024
Etude analytique d’ontologies pour le projet ACCORD

Issam Khedher, Jean-Marie Favreau, Serge Miguet, Gilles Gesquière - Dec. 18, 2023
A Multimodal Deep Learning Approach for High-Resolution Land Surface Temperature Estimation
7th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems (SIRS’23)

Gian-Michele Cherchi, Alain Dequidt, Patrice Hauret, Arnaud Guillin, Vincent Barra, Nicolas Martzel - Dec. 10, 2023
ML-Enhanced Generalized Langevin Equation for Transient Anomalous Diffusion in Polymer Dynamics
NeurIPS 2023 Workshop: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences

Anis Fradi, Chafik Samir, José Braga - Dec. 7, 2023
A Shrinkage Method for Learning, Registering and Clustering Shapes of Curves

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