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Position : permanent
Date : Sept. 1, 2023
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Lecturer position 0248 IUT Montluçon / Limos

Teaching profile.
The person recruited will be involved in teaching computer science at the Montluçon site, mainly in the Marketing Techniques (TC) and Logistics and Transport Management (MLT) departments.
In the TC department, she will be in charge of advanced office automation courses (Word, Excel). In the MLT department, the person recruited will complete the team of teacher-researchers already present. In addition to advanced office automation, the teaching of computer science concerns databases, information systems (traceability, ERP, TMS, WMS, etc.) and operational research (graph theory, linear programming, simulation).

Research profile.
The candidate will join the Laboratory of Computer Science, Modeling and Systems Optimization (LIMOS, UMR CNRS 6158, ). The candidate will conduct his or her research in the ODPS (Decisional Tools for Production and Services) axis. The activities of the ODPS axis concern what is called Operations Management and consist in making the best use of certain resources to carry out given activities within the framework of complex organizational systems according to different temporal (strategic, tactical, operational, real time) and spatial horizons. The general approach is on the one hand to model these systems and on the other hand to implement methods to help decision making.

The candidate will integrate one of the two themes of the ODPS axis, MOSM and CPS. An interest in the following research themes would be appreciated: short circuits and last mile delivery, balancing of assembly lines, dimensioning and piloting of robot fleets, home hospitalization, internal hospital logistics.

Teaching contact:
Sylvie Norre, professor at the IUT of Montluçon

Research contact :
Dominique Feillet, Co-leader of the ODPS axis
Jean-Philippe Gayon, Co-leader of the ODPS axis

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