Theme Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Systems


The theme Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Systems focuses on the evaluation and optimization of industrial organizations and processes in the context of goods manufacturing or related services. It covers different time horizons (from the design of the systems to the fine-grained scheduling of their operations) and spatial horizons (from the supply chain to the workshop or the production line).

The contributions of the theme rely on strong skills in combinatorial optimization, especially around several NP-difficult reference problems (facility layout design, line balancing, lot sizing, job shop scheduling), and in discrete event simulation.

The research conducted is mainly related to the development of optimization methods able to deal effectively with industrial problems but can also integrate the use of conceptual models to better understand the impact of certain transformations on industrial organizations (servicization, mass customization. ..).

Last publications

Hamed Gholami, Safian Sharif, Georges Abdul-Nour - Jan. 30, 2024
Contemporary Advances in Industry 4.0 Technologies and Theories for Manufacturing Sustainability

Louise Penz, Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès, Margaux Nattaf - March 1, 2023
Minimizing the sum of completion times on a single machine with health index and flexible maintenance operations
Computers and Operations Research

Thiago Alves de Queiroz, Manuel Iori, Arthur Kramer, Yong-Hong Kuo - March 1, 2023
Dynamic Scheduling of Patients in Emergency Departments
European Journal of Operational Research

Khadija Hadj Salem, Arthur Kramer, Alexis Robbes - Feb. 20, 2023
An arc-flow model for the job sequencing and tool switching problem with non-identical parallel machines
24ème Congrès Annuel de la Société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et Aide à la Décision

Meryem Bamoumen, Selwa Elfirdoussi, Libo Ren, Nikolay Tchernev - Feb. 1, 2023
An efficient GRASP-like algorithm for the multi-product straight pipeline scheduling problem
Computers and Operations Research

Hamed Gholami, Georges Abdul-Nour, Safian Sharif, Dalia Streimikiene - Jan. 6, 2023
Sustainable Manufacturing in Industry 4.0

Hamed Gholami, Falah Abu, Safian Sharif, Georges Abdul-Nour, M. Affan Badar - Jan. 5, 2023
A Review of Global Research Trends on Sustainable Manufacturing

Hamed Gholami, Falah Abu, Jocelyn Ke Yin Lee, Georges Abdul-Nour - Jan. 5, 2023
An Analysis of the Literature on Industry 4.0 and the Major Technologies

Audrey Cerqueus, Xavier Delorme - Jan. 1, 2023
Evaluating the scalability of reconfigurable manufacturing systems at the design phase
International Journal of Production Research

David Tremblet, Abdelkrim R. Yelles-Chaouche, Evgeny Gurevsky, Nadjib Brahimi, Alexandre Dolgui - Jan. 1, 2023
Optimizing task reassignments for reconfigurable multi-model assembly lines with unknown order of product arrival
Journal of Manufacturing Systems

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