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 The Seminary of the PhD students is an accessible seminary to all, organized by and for the PhD students of the Limos. The purpose is to learn, to exchange and to discuss around short presentations on the various aspects of the computing sciences. The second objective is to federate the PhD students of the Limos around a regular meeting to know a little better 'who/what makes what' between the walls of the lab. A jar of fence will allow, after every session, to pursue the discussion in a friendlier and relaxed way.

The presentations are intended for an academic public and have to have a strong link with the computing, but it is the only limitation. The seminary can allow the PhD students to present their (brilliant) results to other members of the lab (enthralled), to entrainer before a presentation at a conference (of rank A +++), or to repeat their thesis defense (with congratulations of the jury and very very honorable mention). It is also completely possible to present a domain under the shape of a mini-course or a workshop, without presenting of original results. Moreover, the presentations can have no relationship with the domain of study of the one which presents; the purpose is to spend a good moment and to share things which please us. The only thing which matters, it is that it is interesting!

The presence in 5 seminaries lab and a presentation in the Seminary of the PhD students will validate a module of the ED SPI.

Call to participation:

The speaking time can oscillate between 15 and 45 minutes. It is imperative to give an estimation of the time of your presentation.

The size(format) is rather free, here is two settle(adjust) that it will nevertheless be necessary to respect:

  • The average time of presentation is of 30 minutes. He does not have to exceed 45 minutes.
  • The theme of the presentation necessarily has to have a link with the computing.

Keep in memory all the same that you address an academic public!

In a general way, three types of presentations are expected:

  • The presentation of an original result: the speaker presents an original result stemming from his own work. This type of presentation can allow the PhD students to prepare a conference, to entrainer for the defense, or simply to exchange with other members of the lab to discuss perspectives of the result, and why not find new collaborators.
  • The presentation of a domain of the computing: it is a question of presenting in a accessible way a domain of the computing, the innovative concept, the attractive theory, the ingenious technology, the funny theme... The only condition is that that is interesting! It is not compulsory to present its own domain of research: the purpose is to prove again to the public that the computing is a beautiful science which abounds in more interesting domains some than the others
  • The 'funny' presentation: very short (less than 20 minutes), the purpose is to show a surprising or funny thing on the theme of the computing. A 'fun - fact' as say the young people. It is necessary to relax so from time to time, between a very technical presentation(display) and a jar!

Thank you in advance in all those and all those who will be willing to participate in our seminary!