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Seminar organizers :

The doctoral students' seminar is a monthly event for all LIMOS doctoral students. The aim of the seminar is to enable doctoral students to discuss and exchange ideas around presentations on LIMOS themes. It also provides a regular opportunity for PhD students to get to know each other a little better, and find out "who's doing what" within the walls of the lab. A closing drink will be organized after each session to continue the discussion in a more convivial and relaxed way. Remember, this is a seminar organized by PhD students for PhD students!

PhD students are free to choose the subject of their presentation, as long as it is related to computer science. Three types of presentation are possible:

   - Presentation of work/results: The doctoral student gives a presentation directly related to his or her own work. This type of presentation can enable PhD students to prepare for a conference, practice for the defense, or simply exchange with other members of the lab to discuss the prospects of results and possibly find new collaborators.
  - Presenting an area of computer science: This involves presenting an area of computer science in an accessible way, an innovative concept, a nice theory, an ingenious technology, a fun theme... The only condition is that it must be interesting! It's not compulsory to present your own field of research: the aim is to prove once again to the audience that computer science is a beautiful science, brimming with equally interesting fields.
  - The "fun" presentation: Very short (less than 20 minutes), the aim is to show a surprising or amusing trick on the theme of computing, a "fun-fact". It's important to relax every now and then, between a highly technical presentation and a drink!

The doctoral students' seminar is usually held every first Wednesday of the month at 3 p.m. and lasts an hour (modulo a few minutes to get the HDMI plug working...). One or two presentations are given at each seminar. To take part, contact us by e-mail or at our offices and give us :

  - The subject of your presentation, which must be IT-related.
  - Estimated duration. Please allow between 15 and 45 minutes (between 15 and 25 for a short presentation, and between 40-45 for a long one).

Presentations will be given at all three LIMOS sites: Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Etienne and Aurillac. A duplex system will be set up so that everyone can attend the presentations without having to travel to the sites.

Finally, please note that participation in 4 doctoral student seminars, plus a given presentation, entitles you to validate a module at the SPI doctoral school.