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Position : permanent
Date : Sept. 1, 2024
Contact Mail : , tel : 04 73 17 71 20

Lecturer position 0035 IUT CA / Limos

Teaching profile

The candidate will be involved in the BUT training program in the IT department, IUT Clermont-Ferrand, Aubière site. He or she will part of the department's teaching team and will mainly teach database subjects.

The candidate will be involved in the pedagogical support of students, through the supervision of trainees apprentices and various supervised projects. The candidate will be involved in SAE (Situations d'Apprentissages et d'Évaluation spécifiques) modules at all levels.

Finally, the candidate will be required to take part in 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd year of BUT. The candidate will be a fully-fledged member of the teaching team, and as such will take part in various departmental meetings, juries, etc.

The candidate will be a full-fledged member of the teaching team and, like all the department's teacher-researchers and teaching staff, to take on teaching responsibilities within the department and to participate in the life of the department.


Research profile

The Laboratoire d'Informatique, de Modélisation et d'Optimisation des Systèmes (LIMOS) is a joint research unit (UMR 6158) in the fields of and more generally in Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST).

LIMOS is mainly attached to the CNRS Institut des Sciences de l'Information et de leurs Interactions (INS2I), and secondarily to the Institut des Sciences de l'Ingénierie et des Systèmes (INSIS).

Its academic supervisors are the Université Clermont Auvergne and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne (EMSE), and its partner institution is the SIGMA engineering school.

LIMOS is a member of the IMOBS3 and ClercVolc and of the FR 3467 environmental research federation (which brings together 17 UCA and INRAE laboratories on the Clermont-Ferrand site). It is also an associate member of the MODMAD federation (MODélisation Mathématique et Aide à la Décision, FED 4169) supported by Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne.

LIMOS' scientific positioning is centered on Computer Science, Modeling and Optimization of Organizational and Living Systems. The main research themes developed within the laboratory are :

- Combinatorial Optimization

- Algorithms, Graphs, Complexity

- Metamodeling, Continuous Optimization and Applications (MOCA)

- Data, Services, Intelligence

- Network and Security

- Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Systems

- Service Design and Planning

The candidate will join the Computer Science, Modeling and Systems Optimization Laboratory (LIMOS, UMR CNRS 6158, The profile sought concerns primarily the "Data, Services and Intelligence (DSI)" theme (

Contact teaching : Cédric Bouhours, director IUT,
Contact research :  Mourad Baïou, director LIMOS,

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