The Laboratory of Informatics, Modelling and Optimization of the Systems (LIMOS) is a Mixed Unit of Research (UMR 6158) in computing, and more generally in Sciences and Technologies of information and the Communication ( STIC).

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Keynotes à venir

Vincent COHEN-ADDAD, Research Scientist - Google Research - May 2, 2024, 2 p.m. - None
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Conferences to come

March 12, 2024 to March 14, 2024 - Clermont Ferrand (France) - STACS 2024

Last publications

T. Garaix, P. Lacomme, I. Peña-Arenas - May 1, 2024
A label-setting algorithm for the truck driver scheduling problem in accordance with European Community social legislation
Expert Systems with Applications

Chengbin Chu, Feng Chu, Alexandre Dolgui, Rakesh Nagi, Xiaolan Xie - Jan. 1, 2024
Special issue in memory of Dr. Jean-Marie Proth (7.12.1938–17.06.2021)
International Journal of Production Research

Anis Fradi, Khalid Daoudi - May 1, 2024
Reduced-rank spectral mixtures Gaussian processes for probabilistic time-frequency representations
Signal Processing

Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès, Junwen Ding, Liji Shen, Karim Tamssaouet - April 1, 2024
The flexible job shop scheduling problem: A review
European Journal of Operational Research

Amadeu Almeida Coco, Christophe Duhamel., Andréa Cynthia Santos, Matheus Nohra Haddad - Jan. 1, 2024
Solving the probabilistic drone routing problem - searching for victims in the aftermath of disasters