Date : Nov. 16, 2017, 1 p.m. - Room :Amphi Garcia

Spectrum and Energy Efficient Wireless Communications for Future 5G/IoT Systems

Megumi KANEKO - Associate Professor - NII, Tokyo, Japon

With 50 billion Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices foreseen for the 2020s, an exponential growth in the amount of mobile data traffic is expected, while the available spectral resource is severely limited. To face this problem, future wireless access networks, in particular Fifth Generation (5G) systems are currently under intensive research worldwide. I am mainly investigating the design of radio resource allocation and interference management technologies enabling high spectral and energy efficiency, for a wide range of wireless systems such as Small Cell Networks, Cloud Radio Access Networks (CRAN) and IoT/Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). In this talk, I will focus on our recent works on spectrally-efficient radio access schemes for RFID and Energy Harvesting (EH) WSNs, which are crucial to support the upcoming expansion of IoT mobile data traffic. Our proposed algorithms leverage on Compressed Sensing (CS) theory given the sparsity of the set of active sensors, but also on the emerging approach of Graph Signal Processing (GSP) given the spatial "smoothness" inherent to the sensed physical data. Simulation results show that our proposed schemes can achieve very low signal reconstruction errors and outperform conventional schemes.

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