Date : March 10, 2016, 2 p.m. - Room :Salle du conseil

Learning Path Queries on Graph Databases

Radu CIUCANU - Oxford University

We investigate the problem of learning graph queries by exploiting user examples. The input consists of a graph database in which the user has labeled a few nodes as positive or negative examples, depending on whether or not she would like the nodes as part of the query result. Our goal is to handle such examples to find a query whose output is what the user expects. This kind of scenario is pivotal in several application settings where unfamiliar users need to be assisted to specify their queries. In this paper, we focus on path queries defined by regular expressions, we identify fundamental difficulties of our problem setting, we formalize what it means to be learnable, and we prove that the class of queries under study enjoys this property. We additionally investigate an interactive scenario where we start with an empty set of examples and we identify the informative nodes i.e., those that contribute to the learning process. Then, we ask the user to label these nodes and iterate the learning process until she is satisfied with the learned query. Finally, we present an experimental study on both real and synthetic datasets devoted to gauging the effectiveness of our learning algorithm and the improvement of the interactive approach. Joint work with Angela Bonifati and Aurélien Lemay. ========================== Bio : Radu Ciucanu is a postdoc in the database group of the University of Oxford, UK. Previously, he was a PhD student at the University of Lille 1 and INRIA, and a visiting student at the University of Toronto, Canada. He worked on complexity problems related to learning queries and schemas, on data integration, and he is currently working on factorized databases. His research led to publications in conferences like VLDB and EDBT, as well as in the journals ACM Transactions on Database Systems and Theory of Computing Systems. More details at