Date : May 11, 2016, 12:15 p.m. - Room :Salle du conseil

Recherche d’Information Sociale

Prof. Mohand Boughanem - Laboratoire IRIT, Université de Toulouse 

Social Web (Web 2.0) technologies has enabled people to express their opinions, to share content (photos, blog posts, videos, bookmarks, etc.) , to connect with other users, either directly or via common interests often reflected by shared content , to add free-text tags or keywords to content , users comment on content items. All these user-generated contents UGC need not only to be indexed and searched in effective and scalable ways, but they also provide a huge number of meaningful data, metadata that can be used as clues of evidences in a number of tasks related particularly to information retrieval. Indeed, these user-generated contents have several interesting properties, such as diversity, coverage and popularity that can be used as “wisdom of crowds” in search process. This presentation will provide some general properties of these data and then briefly lists some search tasks that leverage these data. We will particularly focus on two specific tasks namely microblog search and exploiting UGC to improve a search.