Date : May 28, 2020, 1 p.m. - Room :Visio-conférence

Optimal deterministic and robust selection of electricity contracts - joint work with Michel Minoux et David Wu

Viet Hung NGUYEN - Professeur LIMOS, Université Clermont Auvergne

In this talk, we address the problem of finding the best parameters of an electricity contract for a client
based on her past records of electricity consumption over a fixed time period, typically one year.
The electricity bill is composed by some fixed cost, the cost of the subscription of the electricity
contract and penalties due to overpowering of consumption. The problem can be formulated as a problem
of minimizing a convex separable function with constraints featuring node-arc inciden matrix structure
which can be solved in polynomial time by flow-based algorithms (Ahuja et al 2003, Karzanov et al 1997, Minoux 1984, Minoux 1986).
We propose a simple special purpose iterative algorithm
for the deterministic version of the problem which has a better time complexity than the above cited algorithms.
We also consider a robust version of the problem using the concept of budget of uncertainty introduced by (Bertsimas and Sim 2004).
We prove that the resulting worst case cost minimisation problem can be solved by using the same algorithm as for the deterministic case.