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Date : March 9, 2021, 9:30 a.m. - EZZAT Omar - Visio-conférence

Product and service modularization for variety management in the context of mass customization

Many manufacturers are evolving from mass production to mass customization to cope with the increasing diversity of customer requirements. This leads to increasing complexity resulting from the great variety offered to customers. This problem is compounded by the integration of products and services within a single offering, as the importance of the service sector has increased over the years and companies have added services to their offering to meet the needs of customers. clients. To overcome this complexity, several methods have been proposed, such as modularity. Modularity has been seen as an effective method for meeting the challenges of variety management in the area of ​​products and services. It has been discussed in the product area but rarely in the service area.
This thesis focuses on an approach to practically implement modularity on a service-oriented system that can be applied either to the product, or to the service, or to the integration of both. The approach can help reduce internal complexity resulting from the increased supply of products and services. Additionally, our approach focuses on the ability to have similarity measures between service and product elements. The assessment of the different outputs for the two techniques is used to identify the number and quality of aggregate outputs. Different measurement indicators are used to assess each exit scenario and to assess the clusters formed. Finally, a test case is carried out to validate our method.


Members of Jury:

  • Catherine DA CUNHA, Ecole centrale Nantes, France (Reviewer)
  • Peggy ZWOLINSKI, INP Grenoble, France (Reviewer)
  • Paolo GAIARDELLI, UNIBG Bergamo, Italy (Jury)
  • Elise VAREILLES, SUPAERO Toulouse, France (Jury)
  • Xavier BOUCHER, Mines Saint- Étienne, France (Director)
  • Xavier DELORME, Mines Saint- Étienne, France (Co-director) 
  • Khaled MEDINI, Mines Saint- Étienne, France (Supervisor).