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Date : Dec. 16, 2019, 2 p.m. - ABDOUS Mohammed Amine - Amphi F1 - Saint-Etienne

Optimal design of manufacturing systems with ergonomics: application to assembly lines

This thesis contributes to the research stream of evaluation and optimization of ergonomics in the design phase of manufacturing systems. Poor physical ergonomics in manufacturing systems results in lower productivity, lower motivation, injuries, and increases costs for companies. The main objective of this work is the proposition of optimization methods for manufacturing systems design, with the joint consideration of ergonomics, productivity, and cost.

This work focuses on the preliminary design of assembly lines. The challenge is to provide decision-makers with optimization methods to take ergonomics into account while satisfying all technological and economic constraints. The combinatorial problems considered are the assembly line balancing problem and the selection of equipment. We considered a quantitative model of ergonomics based on fatigue and recovery equations taken from the literature. In addition to the combinatorial nature of problems dealt with, the main scientific challenge stems from the non-linear nature of the ergonomics model.

We proposed a linearization allowing defining an integer linear program, and we developed optimal and approximate resolution approaches. Besides, we proposed a generalization of the approach, with a multi-objective model optimizing cost and ergonomics. We developed a multi-objective algorithm for its resolution.

Based on the proposed models and optimization algorithms, we have defined a methodology for the design of assembly lines with the optimization of ergonomics from the design phase. This methodology has been successfully applied to industrial cases.


Thesis committee:

•    Prof. Daria Battini, University of Padua, Italy (supervisor)
•    Prof. Lyes Benyoucef, Aix-Marseille University, France (reviewer)
•    Prof. Sandrine Berger-Douce, Mines Saint-Etienne, France (supervisor)
•    Prof. Xavier Delorme, Mines Saint-Etienne, France (supervisor)
•    Prof. Alexandre Dolgui, IMT Atlantique, France (reviewer)
•    Assoc. Prof. Matteo Mario Savino, University of Sannio, Italy (examiner)?