Responsable LIMOS : GUITTON Alexandre
Coordinator : None
Begin of project : Jan. 1, 2016 - Fin du projet : Dec. 31, 2018


The main objective of the ConnecSenS project is to study and develop a platform to collect and share data, dedicated to the research in environment. An experimental in-situ platform is based on wireless communication networks, enabling a fast retrieval of data and their transmission to a sink located on the Internet. The sink is in charge of storing data in a database. This database is accessible by researchers, and can be used for data mining, data analysis and data model building. The variety of data, available on a cloud (called "the environmental cloud") will allow researchers to develop new data models, taking into consideration coupling effect from several scales in order to anticipate accurately the changes in data, and in order to test new action scenarios. In the ConnecSenS project, this new approach will be implemented to promote and amplify the scientific objectives of four pilot sites, whose common target focuses on the water (quantity, quality, properties, etc.). In addition, these four sites correspond to complementary research topics: the study of the water quality of a lake, the study of the migration of radio-elements in an old uranium mine, the study of a stagnant branch of a river, and the study of water flow in agrosystems.

Financement FEDER

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