Multi-users wireless access techniques for massive machine-type communications

Responsable LIMOS : HABACHI Oussama
Coordinator : Oussama HABACHI
Begin of project : Jan. 1, 2021 - Fin du projet : Dec. 31, 2024


The main objective of the project MOMENT is to explore innovative network architectures/topologies and investigate new multiple access techniques to ensure the fulfillment of these heterogeneous constraints and a high-level security in order to cope with the aforementioned challenges. The target application will be the context of smart cities where thousand sensors are deployed with very different transmission rates starting from some Kbits/s for environment sensors up to several Mbits/s for videomonitoring applications. Particularly, we will investigate some of the practical challenges of large-scale deployment of NOMA such as the inter-NOMA-interference (INI), inter-cell interference, and implementation complexity. Moreover, distributed security management protocols will be investigated to ensure the scalabity of the proposed solutions and enable the deployment of the IoT. The proposed solutions will be based on game theoretical tools, artificial intelligence and signal processing.

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Financeur : ANR