Responsable LIMOS : MALGOUYRES Rémy
Coordinator : None
Begin of project : Dec. 1, 2010 - Fin du projet : Dec. 1, 2014


The ANR KIDICO project started on 1 December 2010. It will last 48 months and currently includes 28 professors and researchers from 9 laboratories: LSIIT, LIAFA, LORIA, LIMOS, ISIT, LAMA, LIRMM, I3M, LIGM. The KIDICO project focuses on the modelling, extraction and use of knowledge in image processing and segmentation. The knowledge sought will be of a geometric, differential, topological and morphological nature, and the treatments will be based on discrete geometry, discrete topology and mathematical morphology. Indeed, these specialties conform to visual intuition, which facilitates treatment planning and improves ergonomics for the user. However, most of the work based on these approaches uses only a small part of the available knowledge, which leads to research on both image information extraction and image segmentation knowledge integration.

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