Responsable LIMOS : FAVREAU Jean-Marie
Coordinator : Jean-Marie Faverau
Begin of project : Jan. 1, 2019 - Fin du projet : Dec. 31, 2020
Projet piloté par le LIMOS

Chronic pain affects millions of French people who do not benefit from optimal therapies.

While pharmacological innovation is struggling, e-health is opening up new opportunities. This proposal is part of a broader e-health project that aims to develop automatic learning methods for the analysis and interpretation of health data in order to best customize the management of patients suffering from chronic pain. Clinical patient follow-up will allow the collection and pre-treatment of qualitative data, collected through questionnaires and barometers validated by clinical experts, and quantitative data, collected through sensors. The scientific challenges identified are multiple and will be addressed by data science methods. The objective of this proposal is to study and set up systems to ensure the quality of the data collected before using automatic learning methods.

partner organism :

Financeur : CNRS
Financeur spécifique : INSERM