Responsable LIMOS : FAVREAU Jean-Marie
Begin of project : Jan. 1, 2019 - Fin du projet : Jan. 1, 2021


ACTIVmap is a research project aimed at creating software to facilitate the generation of maps adapted for visually impaired and blind people.

The purpose is to provide a tool for:

  • help in decision-making (semi-automatic selection of points of interest, level of simplification, etc.)
  • geographic generalization (simplification and selection of useful geographic data)
  • cartographic generalization (simplification of geometries according to an objective and a scale)
  • the creation of files in formats adapted to production methods

The project aims at a free and open source tool (software, website...) to improve the work of transcriber adapters by facilitating and reducing the time of card adaptation while taking into consideration the specific needs and personalization for the user.

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