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Date : Nov. 16, 2022 -- Type : book

Publication of a book "15 fun riddles to learn Python programming"

Pascal LAFOURCADE et Malika MORE, lecturers and members of LIMOS publish a new book : "15 fun riddles to learn Python programming"

Collection : Dunod

Parution : Novembre 2022
Authors : Pascal Lafourcade, Mailka More

Do you want to learn about programming while having fun?
This book, accessible from the end of high school, offers you 15 puzzles to solve by writing programs in Python. Their difficulty is variable and indicated by a star system.
If you need a helping hand, three clues will gradually lead you to the solution.
At the end of the book, a detailed explanation will give you the key to each riddle.
In addition to these 15 riddles, numerous illustrated inserts will provide you with historical and technical knowledge and anecdotes will introduce you to famous people from the world of computers.