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Date : March 22, 2022

Publication of a book "Introduction à l'informatique quantique"

Philippe Lacomme, Limos teacher-researcher publishes a new book "Introduction à l'informatique quantique"

Editor : Eyrolles

Authors : Eric Bourreau, Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme

The 1970s led to computing as we know it today. Our current computers are the result of a slow evolution from bulky lamp-based computers to microchip-based desktop computers.

The computing power of these "classic" machines depends on several elements (frequency of the processor, central memory, etc.) and Moore's law postulated that the power of computers, linked to the microprocessor, followed an exponential growth.

Over the last few decades, the evolution of machines has indeed followed this trend. However, the increase in computing power is now coming up against physical limits. Hence the importance of quantum computing, which offers a radical paradigm shift. Thanks to the latest technical advances in this field, notably by the companies D-Wave and IBM (the best known), it is now possible to test and use "quantum" machines.

This book is intended to be pragmatic, and the essential theoretical elements are introduced as we go along. The Grover algorithm, which is essential, is presented, as well as iterative methods of the simulated annealing type from classical computer science. The examples in this book refer to reference problems in optimization, such as the traveling salesman problem (TSP). For each one, you will have a theoretical explanation and a computer implementation.