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Position : CDD
Date : July 31, 2024
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Post-doctoral contract: Multi-criteria decision support method


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The health impact of energy renovation policies is not currently taken into account in decisions on deployment strategies for territorial energy renovation plans. It should be emphasized that building energy renovations have a significant impact on health, particularly in terms of the thermal regulation of interior spaces. Extreme fluctuations in temperature, whether excessively high or low, have harmful consequences for people's health.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a system of performance indicators combined with a method and decision-making tools designed to be deployed with regional decision-makers to enable a rigorous comparative analysis of alternative spatial planning strategies that take into account the effects on health and their economic impact for the territories concerned.

A structured program of research work has been drawn up in advance. The post-doctoral fellow will be responsible for
the operational management of this program, in collaboration with all the players involved. This
includes the following key activities:
- Analysis of needs among stakeholders in the field and identification of experimental scenarios
- Definition and construction of indicator systems to support decision-making. From a scientific point of view, this includes the development (by reusing existing systems, etc.) of calculators (simulators) for the evaluation of these indicators, and the extraction of the data required for these evaluations.
- Definition and development of the multi-criteria decision support method (reusing existing tools).
- Conduct and interpret experiments.
- Valorization and project set-ups: valorization is expected in the form of research articles in international journals (conferences are also possible), as well as in project set-ups for subsequent
funding applications.

The position is based on the Saint-Étienne campus.

You are in one of the following situations:
- If your doctorate is less than 3 years old, you will be employed as a post-doctoral fellow.
- If your doctorate is more than 3 years old, you will be employed as a research and development engineer.

And ideally :
- PhD holder: several alternative profiles are possible, depending on whether candidates come from the following fields in particular:
    - Industrial engineering sciences, decision support sciences, organization sciences: skills in decision support methods, multi-criteria decision support, performance indicator systems
systems, performance evaluation, economic and sustainable assessment of organizations
    - Field of medico-economic and socio-economic evaluation in healthcare: medico-economic evaluation methods, databases for healthcare evaluation, interest in multi-criteria decision
decision-support methods, sensitivity analyses
    - Public policy evaluation: socio-economic evaluation methods for public policy, indicator systems, statistical analysis, decision-support methods.
    - Environmental assessment field: multidimensional systems assessment, multi-criteria decision support methods, sensitivity analyses.

As part of your post-doctorate, you will be required to carry out the following tasks:
- Ensure the operational management of the research project
- Manipulate and process databases, enabling the evaluation of various indicators.
- Develop a method for socio-economic evaluation of the health impact of urban renewal projects, and build quantitative tools for assessing these impacts.
- Deploy a multi-criteria decision-support method tailored to the needs of the project.
- Contribute actively to the international scientific publications of the results and to the organization of a subsequent research project.

- 18-month fixed-term contract under public law
- Start date: at the earliest, between 01/11/2024 and 01/01/2025
- Remuneration will be set according to the candidate's profile, in line with the rules defined by the Institut Mines Télécom's management framework.
- Full time
- Position based in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez

How to apply :
Applications (CV, covering letter, letter of recommendation if applicable, proof of identity) must be submitted on the RECRUITEE platform by 15/07/2024 at the latest: