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Position : CDD
Date : May 30, 2024
Contact Mail : , tel : 04 77 42 00 1

Post-doc postion in data science EMSE / LIMOS

The job offer is part of a collaboration between Thuasne in Saint-Étienne and Mines Saint-Etienne with the Henri Fayol Institute (GMI team).

The aim of this project is to optimize quality control in the manufacture of medical devices by exploiting the various data available in the production chain. In order to achieve this objective, we are exploring different statistical learning solutions applied to anomaly detection, adapted to the types of data coming from the manufacturing process.


- In conjunction with experts in the field, to identify the different types of quality control carried out as part of the manufacturing process (quality control mapping).
Analyze available data sets to identify data that can be used to analyze quality and quality control.
Prioritization and selection of the quality controls for these production processes that will be the focus of subsequent phases of work, depending on the duration and feasibility of the study.
Selection of the machine learning methods best suited to the data selected for the detection of non-quality or manufacturing defects, based on a suitable state of the art.
Development, testing and validation of the various quality control methods.
transfer of knowledge and study results to the industrial partner
Promotion of this work through publications in conferences in the field.


The candidate must hold a PhD in applied mathematics, or in data science related to statistical learning. Experience in anomaly detection and causal analysis techniques will be particularly appreciated.

Expected skills include

- Data analysis and processing.
Data science, machine learning, deep learning and pattern identification.
Methods and algorithms for anomaly detection and cause identification techniques.
Significant professional experience in quality control and optimization of industrial
optimization of industrial production lines.
Ability to process different types of data: quantitative, qualitative and/or textual.
Proficiency in Python and R programming languages.
Skills in implementing and industrializing the various algorithms developed.


Missions on the St Etienne campus
12-month fixed-term contract
Start date: June 1, 2024
Application to be submitted no later than April 14, 2024 on the RECRUITEE platform.


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