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Position : Sujet de thèse
Date : Sept. 1, 2023
Contact Mail : , tel : 04 73 40 53 57

Thesis : Ultra Flexible Facility Layout Optimization

Context and project

In the context of designing ultra-flexible factories for M.F.P. Michelin, we need to locate different machines on the factory floor at the lowest cost. Given a set of machines and flows of materials between them, the problem of finding an optimal layout - known as the Facility Layout Problem (FLP) - consists in positioning and orienting the machines in a production plant such that the total cost of 1) the machines’deployment and 2) the machine-to-machine supplies transportation, is minimum. FLP is one of the most challenging problems encountered in plant optimization and has several known variants including:
1. uncertainty in the inter-machine flows,
2. constraints on the underlying placement structure (e.g. single line, multiple lines, grids),
3. different types of machines, having their own capabilities and restrictions.


After a review of the literature on FLP, several models corresponding to different variants will be considered and cast as nonlinear optimization models. A study of these models will be performed based on the most efficient and recent methods of combinatorial optimization and linearization techniques. This theoretical work will lead to the development of a real-life optimization framework combining exact approaches (e.g. branch-and-bound, cutting planes, symmetry management) and approximate techniques (e.g. heuristics, metaheuristics). The resulting methodology will then be implemented and tested on real-life instances provided by M.F.P.Michelin.

Candidate background

The candidate should hold a Master degree in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics/Industrial Engineering or equivalent with good skills in applied mathematics in relation to optimization and operations research. The candidate should also like programming and be willing to learn CPLEX

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