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Position : CDD
Date : Sept. 1, 2023
Contact Mail : , tel : 04 73 40 53 57

Junior Professor Chair - Artificial Intelligence - Isima / Limos

The University Clermont Auvergne (UCA) in Clermont-Ferrand, France is offering a CPJ position (Junior Professor Chair) that will be available by September 2023.

Junior Professor Chairs (JPC) correspond to a new program in France that offers highly qualified young researchers an opportunity to conduct quality research through the creation of a dedicated environment (material and financial). They provide a real professional leverage that can lead to a permanent position as a full professor within 5 years, while also promoting the establishment of a genuine international synergy with the stakeholders involved.

The selected candidate will be involved in research activities as part of the LIMOS (, a CNRS laboratory, and will also be in charge of teaching at the engineering school ISIMA of Clermont Auvergne INP (,

This chair aims to develop a research activity around models and algorithms for AI by placing it within a data-knowledge continuum. At the heart of AI lies the algorithmics of learning. Beyond the design of new methods, particularly in a weakly supervised context, several research directions are being explored, such as explainability. Defining effective learning methods based on optimization techniques and game theory is also a promising research target. Finally, the question of the formal representation of knowledge opens the way to research on interactions between symbolic AI approaches and learning from data.

This ambitious and unifying project lies at the intersection of several themes of the LIMOS and connects with those of other laboratories in the area. The research questions are anchored in the "Data" cross-cutting program of the ISite CAP2025 and will draw on the application domains of the ISite's International Research Centers.

The teaching service will be 64 hours per year and will focus on the algorithmics of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

For this specific position at UCA, the first phase of the contract is for five years during which the successful candidate will receive funding of 200,000 euros for their research activities, including the recruitment of a doctoral and postdoctoral student. The salary during this period will be 3,443.50 euros per month (before deductions for taxes) which makes it around 2,600 euros per month (after taxes).
At the end of the five-year period, and after a successful evaluation by a tenure commission, the CPJ can lead to a permanent position as a full professor.

Additional informations regarding the application procedure and schedule will be communicated later.

Person to contact:
Research part: Mourad Baïou (
Teaching part: Farouk Toumani(