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Date : From May 12, 2022 to May 13, 2022 - Place :Clermont Fd - LIMOS

Quantum day


 The Quantum OR WG is a prospective working group of the OR RDG.

The leaders of the ROQ WG are:

Eric Bourreau / LIRMM / Montpellier /
Marc Sevaux / LABSTICC / Lorient /

Co-leaders :
Philippe Lacomme / LIMOS / Clermont Ferrand /
Caroline Prodhon / LIST3N / Troyes /

Objectives of the day

A day on quantum that is not a school or a workshop!
The day is intended for RO researchers who are currently testing and implementing different algorithms.

Each participant comes to present a part of their work.
Live coding and code sharing session.


How to participate?
Contact the organisers

Describe in a few lines the contribution you wish to make (presentation of a scientific support, an example of implementation, a course model....)

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