Tool : B++ Library

Generic C++ Library for Operations Research and Simulation

B++ Library is developed mainly for operations research and simulation purposes. It is built upon basic portable software components, assistance tools for the development such as debugging controls and reports, and a semi-automatic generation of the documentation.

It is a thread-safe C++/Java library that attempts to be as portable and reusable as possible. Hence, it provides a set of software components based on an object-oriented and generic design that are independent of the compiler and the operating system.

The library also integrates a mechanism called Jirk++ that allows an easy use of Java classes directly in C++. It is based on the Java Native Interface (JNI). With each Java class is associated a C++ class that maps its attributes and methods, and has the equivalent inheritance. The purpose of such a facility is to provide a fully portable graphic environment for C++ applications.

B++ Library provides generic components for designing operations research algorithms, and also offers a module for discrete-event visual simulation called B++ Simulator.

Authors : Bruno BACHELET