The Laboratory of Informatics, Modelling and Optimization of the Systems (LIMOS) is a Mixed Unit of Research (UMR 6158) in computing, and more generally in Sciences and Technologies of information and the Communication ( STIC).

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Last publications

Ali Khodadad-Saryazdi - Sept. 1, 2021
Exploring the telemedicine implementation challenges through the process innovation approach: A case study research in the French healthcare sector

Youssef Lahrichi, Laurent Deroussi, Nathalie Grangeon, Sylvie Norre - March 29, 2021
A Balance-First Sequence-Last Algorithm to design RMS A Matheuristic with performance guaranty to balance Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Journal of Heuristics

Victor Bellot, Maxime Cautrès, Jean-Marie Favreau, Milan Gonzalez-Thauvin, Pascal Lafourcade, Kergann Le Cornec, Bastien Mosnier, Samuel Rivière-Wekstein - March 15, 2021
How to Generate Perfect Mazes?
Information Sciences

Fatiha Bendali, Eloise Mole Kamga, Jean Mailfert, Alain Quilliot, Hélène Toussaint - July 1, 2021
Synchronizing energy production and vehicle routing
RAIRO - Operations Research

Philippe Lacomme, Gwénaël Rault, Marc Sevaux - April 1, 2021
Integrated Decision Support System for Rich Vehicle Routing Problems
Expert Systems with Applications