The Laboratory of Informatics, Modelling and Optimization of the Systems (LIMOS) is a Mixed Unit of Research (UMR 6158) in computing, and more generally in Sciences and Technologies of information and the Communication ( STIC).

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Coming Seminars

Clément DALLARD, ATER - LIFO (Orléans) - March 29, 2023, 1:30 p.m. - Salle A211
Introduction to tree-independence number

Matthieu PY, ATER - LIMOS - March 30, 2023, 1:30 p.m. - Amphi 3 - Pôle commun
La Programmation Par Contraintes : Un allié de la Recherche Opérationnelle ?

Last publications

Gwendoline HOCHET DEREVIANCKINE, Alexandre Guitton, Oana Iova, Baozhu Ning, Fabrice Valois - Jan. 1, 2023
Opportunities and Challenges of LoRa 2.4 GHz
IEEE Communications Magazine

Audrey Cerqueus, Xavier Delorme - Jan. 1, 2023
Evaluating the scalability of reconfigurable manufacturing systems at the design phase
International Journal of Production Research

Chady Jabbour, Anis Hoayek, Jean-Michel Salles - Dec. 21, 2022
Formalizing a Two-Step Decision-Making Process in Land Use: Evidence from Controlling Forest Clearcutting Using Spatial Information

José-L. Figueroa, Alain Quilliot, Hélène Toussaint, Annegret Wagler - Jan. 1, 2023
Optimal Paths with Impact on a Constraint System: An Application to the 1-Request Insertion for the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Transfers
SN Computer Science

Hamed Gholami, Ahmad Hashemi, Jocelyn Ke Yin Lee, Georges Abdul-Nour, Anas Salameh - Dec. 1, 2022
Scrutinizing state-of-the-art I4.0 technologies toward sustainable products development under fuzzy environment
Journal of Cleaner Production