The Laboratory of Informatics, Modelling and Optimization of the Systems (LIMOS) is a Mixed Unit of Research (UMR 6158) in computing, and more generally in Sciences and Technologies of information and the Communication ( STIC).

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Conferences to come

June 7, 2022 to June 9, 2022 - SIGMA Clermont, 20 Avenue Blaise Pascal, 63178 AUBIERE CEDEX, FRANCE - Mascot-num2022

Coming Seminars

Aline PARREAU - LIRIS - May 25, 2022, 1:30 p.m. - Amphi 3 - Pôle commun
Introduction à la théorie des jeux positionnels... ou comment les chercheurs jouent au morpion ?

Melek Önen, Maître de conférence - EURECOM Sophia Antipolis - June 9, 2022, 3 p.m. - Salle du conseil
Towards privacy-preserving and trustworthy AI

Karim BAINA - ENSIAS- Maroc - June 23, 2022, 1:30 p.m. - Amphi 3 - Pôle commun
Design Thinking Innovation


TSOPZE Norbert - Professeur Univ. Yaoundé I , present from May 20, 2022 to June 20, 2022

Last publications

Malek Abbassi, Abir Chaabani, Nabil Absi, Lamjed Ben Said - Jan. 1, 2022
An elitist cooperative evolutionary bi-level multi-objective decomposition-based algorithm for sustainable supply chain
International Journal of Production Research

Sk Imran Hossain, Jocelyn de Goër de Herve, Md Shahriar Hassan, Delphine Martineau, Evelina Petrosyan, Violaine Corbain, Jean Beytout, Isabelle Lebert, Jonas Durand, Irene Carravieri, Annick Brun-Jacob, Pascale Frey-Klett, Elisabeth Baux, Céline Cazorla, Carole Eldin, Yves Hansmann, Solene Patrat-Delon, Thierry Prazuck, Alice Raffetin, Pierre Tattevin, Gwenaël Vourc'H, Olivier Lesens, Engelbert Nguifo - Jan. 5, 2022
Exploring convolutional neural networks with transfer learning for diagnosing Lyme disease from skin lesion images
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

Mohammed-Amine Abdous, Xavier Delorme, Daria Battini, Fabio Sgarbossa, Sandrine Berger-Douce - Jan. 10, 2022
Assembly line balancing problem with ergonomics: a new fatigue and recovery model
International Journal of Production Research

Aya Ferchichi, Ali Ben Abbes, Vincent Barra, Imed Riadh Farah - Jan. 1, 2022
Forecasting vegetation indices from spatio-temporal remotely sensed data using deep learning-based approaches: A systematic literature review
Ecological Informatics

Asma Rakiz, Nabil Absi, Pierre Fenies - Jan. 1, 2022
An integrated production and direct shipment problem in a mining industry
International Journal of Production Research